IceQubes 2020

International Workshop on Cryogenic Electronics for Quantum Systems

Neuchâtel, Swizterland, June 3-5, 2020

Ice Qubes 2020, Neuchâtel

Ice Qubes 2020, Neuchâtel

The underpinning technologies enabling Quantum Information Science, such as single photon detectors for quantum networks and qubits for quantum processors, mostly operate between 4K to a few tens of mK. In order to integrate arrays of single photon detectors required for high bandwidth quantum networks, or the estimated millions of semiconductor qubits required by quantum error correction algorithms, a novel, scalable solution for the readout and control cryogenic electronics is required.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together experts in quantum sensors and processors and cryogenic electronics and researchers interested in developing QIS technologies. It will provide an opportunity to discuss the technical challenges and future directions.

Chair: Edoardo Charbon, EPFL, Switzerland

Co-chair: Farah Fahim, Fermilab, USA

Local organization: Brigitte Khan, EPFL, Switzerland

International Advisory Committee:

Eric Dauler, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, USA

John Cresslar, Georgia Tech, USA

Joseph Bardin, University of Massachusetts, USA

Antonio Liscidini, Uniersity of Toronto, Canada

Malcolm Carroll, IBM, USA

Stefano Pellarano, Intel, USA

Robert Bogdan Staszewski, UCD, Ireland


Registration starts from March 5th, 2020. The maximum amount of registrations is 50.